About ScathingTake

About ScathingTake

What does it mean to be critically acclaimed?
It means that tens are rounded up, and that you buy stars in sets of five.
What does it mean to be politically correct?
It means your views are cosmetic, and in-season.
What does it mean to be a critic?
It means cutting down the bad, holding up the good, and lending your head for improvements.
That’s what it should mean anyway.

ScathingTake is both a brand and a person – a persona without a mask. A vehicle to drive my points home. I’m very much the same guy behind the colorful logo as I am without it. There’s enough disingenuous commentary in the world.

When you don’t hear me giving my take on global events – both important and not – you’ll hear me heaping praise on a game’s sound design or ripping a show for it’s misuse of flashbacks and flash-forwards.

There’s a lot to say, but I’ll say it.