About ScathingTake

Scathing [skeyth‚ÄČing]

Adjective – 

1. Abrasively critical in making remarks or commentary.

2. Harsh, harmful, damning.

Noun –

1. Me.

A wise man once said that there are no two words in the English language more harmful than good job.

It’s an admittance of adequacy, a participation award, a determination that a painful lesson is less important than an assuring – albeit ill-gotten – gold star.

Bones set thicker after they’re broken, muscles get stronger after they’re torn, and our work can only get better once we realize that it’s not as well received as we thought.

But we shouldn’t be content to simply tear into the what without giving a why. If we cannot provide a better solution, we’re not in a position to offer neither praise or scorn.

ScathingTake is not an expert. ScathingTake is just some guy who wants payed-for reviews and peddled opinions to go through quality control, and wants for others to demand the same. Hype and pressure from peers and the public do not validate bad ideas.