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ScathingTake on Hazbin Hotel & Helluva Boss

vaggie looks like the mac os guy.
I just couldn’t resist.

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You only live once, so live a life of sin and then come on down to the Hazbin Hotel! Where the Princess of Hell, Charlie, will work with you to get you out of the pit of damnation through redemption. Got some unfinished business upstairs? Then call the Immediate Murder Professionals! They’ll get even on your behalf and might just reunite you with your hated target within one business day. But don’t tell Charlie! That shit’s probably frowned upon.

Music Used:
Teenie Weenie – Brojob
Mayday – Coldrain ft. Ryo
Jazzaddict’s Intro – Cosimo Fogg (201)
Inside of Every Demon is a Rainbow – Parry Gripp & Vivienne Medrano
Centipede – Knife Party
Alastor’s Reprise – Parry Gripp, Vivienne Medrano, & Dave Capdevielle
I.M.P Jingle – Parry Gripp

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