Scathing Take on Kavanaugh

If you’ve been following the news cycle for the past few months or even just the past few weeks or even days, then you have undoubtedly heard the name Kavanaugh at one point or another. Yale grad, not that that’s anything to be proud of in 2018, top of his class, mountains of writings and scholarly works, professional reputation that most people in his field could only dream of having, though perhaps not anymore.

After – and only after – he’d been cleared on his judicial record in front of the senate committee and everyone with a television, a certain lady senator from the most esteemed paradise of California, decided to turn her key and deploy what could be considered the most effective and sinister political weapon of the modern age. A groping accusation.

There was breathless coverage of the “leaked” accuser before there was a hearing for both Kavanaugh and one Christine Ford to state their cases. Ford said he did it – and not much else. All of the people she claimed could back her story said they couldn’t – either because they couldn’t themselves remember or their recollection varied from her own. She isn’t sure when, or where the alleged assault took place, be claimed to know with her incorruptible hippocampus that Kavanaugh had tried to rape and kill her.

Kavanaugh said he didn’t do it – in fiery fashion. He echoed a sitting Justice, Clarence Thomas, in calling the hearing a “national disgrace” and that the accusation alone had tarnished his reputation beyond repair. He was pretty damn convincing. About as convincing as one can be while defending one’s self against unsubstantiated claims that can’t be proven or disproven.

So what happened next? Well, your rationale might have you believe the whole debacle was seen for what it was – that Ford really didn’t have anything except her word. No evidence, no corroboration from witness. And for some, that did get through. But others saw fit to then attack his “demeanor” and “temperament”. That somehow becoming emotional about the fact that a bunch of goons are trying to ruin you with a bunch of nonsense claims that don’t go anywhere and don’t hold up to scrutiny or a seventh FBI intervention is somehow disqualifying.

This entire sad episode has several ramifications.

One: The extreme left is complicit in the subversion of the precedent of “Innocent until proven guilty” and that the burden of evidence is on the accuser.

In order to prevent Kavanaugh’s confirmation, they are willing to wave basic jurisprudence to get their way. That anyone making any claim at anytime from however long-ago, with or without evidence can derail someone’s life and career. Unless you agree with them.

Two: Claims like Ford’s are less likely to be taken seriously.

The #MeToo movement has made a lot of headlines in the past year and has taken down some big names. Not many arrests – for the same reasons as this – but a lot of resignations. The movement that began as a simple calling with a simple and noble goal of women (mainly in the entertainment industry) to voice their cases as soon as they happen while evidence is hot and before a cover-up can take place, has apparently been weaponized into a vehicle to take down undesirables with a point of a finger. This makes it very difficult for real victims to come forward out of fear of being paraded around and being made a spectacle of by one side and outright dismissed by the other depending on which way the pendulum is swinging. #MeToo, in its current state, seems to have had the exact opposite of its intended effect over the past few weeks.

Three: Concept of “credibility” in question.

Everyone was so quick to declare how “credible” Ford was, despite the conflicting testimonials from her so called witnesses, the failure of her and her lawyers to present any evidence, and the gaps in her memory. So this is the standard that makes a supposed witness credible? A sad face? A desire to believe they are correct? It’s a real swan song to the law as a profession if this is what it’s come to.

Four: Kavanaugh is pissed.

If someone tried to crucify you in the news and then wanted you to rule with an open mind regarding their cases, would you? Could you, at that point? No. The guy’s probably going to polish that newly minted chip on his shoulder every day for the rest of his professional life – which means he’ll shoot down cases that are important to the left with impunity for the next 30 to 40 years. In short, they created a monster, and one they can’t stop.

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