AdEpt: Fracture

So what you’re telling me is, I can take the blurry, out of focus pictures of nothing on my phone, send them to a group of people who may or may not be storing said pictures, and get a fragile glass printout of the pictures to litter my walls with? Or externalize a moment with a woman I might come to despise a month down the road? That’s amazing.

Obvious sass aside, I do think there is one unexplored avenue here I hadn’t thought of while making my video. Yes, most people who order from Fracture are more than likely sending off horrifically low quality pictures that aren’t composed, angled, or lit correctly, but nobody said you needed to use your photos. Catch my drift?

I see impressive artwork all over the web, and sometimes think to myself, “Wow, I’d hang that in my bathroom.” Fracture is essentially – with or without its knowledge – operating bootlegged printout service that can get you a high-quality 12×8 of anything you want. They probably have restrictions on anything too grotesque (I’d hate to be the one to check the inbox at HQ) but I doubt that much is done about printing glass copies of Vintage Masters Black Lotus.

Despite the impression you might have gotten from my tone in the video, I actually quite like the idea here. My only real gripe was the way in which it is most likely used – printing frivolous photos of yourself for your room like some son of Narcissus.  I’ve never used Fracture myself, but from my initial impression and after considering the possibilities, I rate fracture well.

I should probably work on a rating system…

Check them out in the meantime.

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