Scathing [skeyth ing]

Adjective – 

1. Abrasively critical in making remarks or commentary: The reviews of the latest “Star Wars” films were absolutely scathing.

2. Harsh, harmful, damning.

Noun – 

3. The shorthand handle used by writer and critic Scathing Take.

A wise man once said that there are no two words in the English language more harmful than good job.

It’s an admittance of adequacy, a participation award, a determination that a painful lesson is less important than an assuring – albeit ill-gotten – gold star.

Bones set thicker after they’re broken, muscles get stronger after they’re torn, and our work can only get better once we realize that it’s not as well received as we thought.

But we shouldn’t be content to simply tear into the what without giving a why. If we cannot provide a better solution, if we don’t have any knowledge of the subject at hand, we’re not in a position to offer neither praise or scorn.

Scathing Take is not an expert. Scathing Take is just some guy who wants payed-for reviews and peddled opinions to go through quality control, and wants for others to demand the same. Hype and pressure from peers and the public do not validate bad ideas.

About Scathing Take

About Scathing Take

How many times have you watched a movie, seen an ad, played a game, or just took in someone’s musing on life’s biggest trifles and just thought to yourself, “Man, this is bad. I sure wish I had an outlet to express my take on this.”

There’s Facebook and the like, sure. But we’ve all seen – or at least heard – that the one’s running the show on those sites don’t particularly care for you having a distaste for a certain movie, don’t want certain stories told that hurt an advertiser, won’t let you cash your two cents.

So I figured the best place for myself would be a place of my own making, get more independent. To develop the Scathing Take brand and tone until I felt it was ripe enough to be planted elsewhere. You can’t after all, grow in a small pot. Living means taking risks, it means going where others might seek to attack you – but there you have the biggest payoff – there you will really be seen and heard.

My name is Adam Buesching, Oakland University graduate and aspiring content creator for one of the most policed sites on the internet. Throughout my life I’ve been consuming media, entertainment, and perspectives of all kinds – written and spoken, digital and analog, paper and plastic. But as time went on I came to realize that just because a something is placed on a pedestal for all to [hopefully] marvel at,  just because it has the backing of a large, powerful business entity, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily any good.

So thanks for your visit to my site! I hope you find the content entertaining at the very least. I cover a myriad of topics and issues so recommendations are always appreciated.


-Scathing Take

Reviews and Critiques

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My Portfolio

This is my Portfolio

I am a man with many talents: I’m a quick read when it comes to gauging what is “appropriate” in a given context, I can determine how a message will be interpreted by different people and how it might be misconstrued (sometimes purposefully) by others, I can be very subtle or hyperbolic as needed, and I have a great understanding of how just changing a single word can change the meaning of a message. But I guess I really can’t prove any of that here very well, can I? Guess you’ll have to settle for my portfolio, then.

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Here’s a small bit of something I did for a Shinola client.

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Bare in mind that I am, in fact, just one guy. I don’t have a team of moderators or editors, or indentured servants – interns, if you prefer – to help me out and help pick up the slack around here. But if you happen to have personal comments, questions, requests, offers, suggestions, vitriol, or even the sweet delicacy of the kind word, you can contact me at scathingtake@gmail.com and I’ll do my best to get back to you in a timely manner.